Building with Docker Images


Make sure docker is installed and working, and has the docker compose command.

Contract DB Storage

The docker image stores its data at /root/.local/share/locutus inside the container. This is mapped to /tmp/locutus-docker outside the container.

Build the base docker image of Locutus

All the docker related files are in the docker subdirectory.

Requires that Docker be installed and working. Then, in the root directory of the repo:

To build the docker locutus container:

cd docker
docker compose build

Running Locutus Node from the docker image

Note: Currently the node will not pick up new contracts when they are published. Make sure the node is stopped and re-started after new contracts are added.

docker compose up

Running the ldt tool from the docker image

There is a shell script in the docker sub directory which makes running ldt from inside the container against source held outside the container easier. It behaves just like the ldt tool, except as stated below.

Getting help from ldt

/location/of/locutus/docker/ --help

Building Contracts

To BUILD a contract, we need to define 1 or 2 env vars:

  • PROJECT_SRC_DIR = Root of the Project being build and defaults to pwd so if you are in your project root, no need to set it.
  • CONTRACT_SRC_DIR = Relative DIR under PROJECT_SRC_DIR to the Contract to build. eg, ./web would build a contract in the web subdirectory of the PROJECT_SRC_DIR. Note: This MUST be a subdirectory.

eg (in the root of the project):

CONTRACT_SRC_DIR=./web /location/of/locutus/docker/ build

Publishing Contracts

From the base directory of the contract project.

/location/of/locutus/docker/ publish --code target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/release/freenet_microblogging_web.wasm --state web/build/locutus/contract-state